What our Customers say...


I would use SERVPRO again and again.

Contacted SERVPRO Escondido based on a referral from a coworker. I'd recommend them to anyone that needs their services!!!

They were both friendly and professional updating and explaining to me on the progress of their task.

I was able to keep customers happy and the whole ordeal was over fast. 

SERVPRO of Escondido goes above and beyond the call of duty!!!

SERVPRO of Escondido is as good as it gets!

Tim is exceptional and truly understands that the Customer experience is important. I suggest that Tim train staff at other SERVPRO locations. Thank you Tim and thank you SERVPRO Escondido.

SERVPRO Is the kind of company that is hard to do business with.  They didn't do anything wrong - in fact, they did everything PERFECTLY!

Servopro was amazing to work with.  The workers were honest, sincere, punctual and great with regular communication. I highly recommend them for any water/fire damage you may have. Words cannot describe how helpful and accommodating Junior, Mario and Warren were during our flood/mold remediation and insurance claim.

Your personnel were very efficient, informative, and helpful in all aspects of this job. I cannot think of anything to improve the service. Junior and Alma were most helpful getting the job started and all the workers were polite and very hard workers. Thank you for this service.

Junior and staff are very professional and hard working. Great team! Thank you all! Would highly recommend.

Everything was neatly packed back in my storage unit.

I am completely impressed. They even cleaned my messy laundry room and my full grandkids toy closet. Everyone was nice. smart, and professional!

Continue doing what you are already doing.

I would strongly recommend your company to anyone suffering from the aftermath of a firestorm.

Thanks for all your help!

Our many thanks to everyone at SERVPRO for doing a wonderful job and handling it well.

This was a professional crew with a great deal of expertise and respect for my belongings!

Thanks for your help SERVPRO!

Just a note to thank you SERVPRO for your professionalism helping us with our mold and mildew remediation. Our condo was vacant when your workers came for several days and they did a wonderful job. They left our condo in very good condition. You were more than cooperative sending updated photos of the work in progress. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Escondido to anyone who needs this type of work done.

I am grateful to the cleaning crew you sent our way in Santa Rosa, to assist in the cleanup of our area. Thank you to SERVPRO of Escondido.

SERVPRO of Escondido, thank you very much for resolving my problem!

Just had another good experience with SERVPRO. Jacob and Ethan did an excellent job removing kitchen tile for me. They were fast, clean and professional. I could not have asked for more.

I recently had my kitchen island worked on by SERVPRO. They removed the mold and water damage quickly and professionally. They arranged the pre and post tests necessary for clearance so I didn't need to worry about anything. I would definitely use their service again.

Each step of the way, Steve and his employees kept us informed of what they were doing, and the next steps. Junior and his crew did a great job of cleaning and restoring our place, and staying in touch with us. We are so glad to be back to normal after the Thomas Fire. 

If I chose one word to describe this company & their people, it would be: Phenomenal. My first call was to my property manager. They sent SERVPRO out & they were at my rental home within 2 hours. They used equipment & checked all my cabinets, walls and floors. The next group arrived & did all this floor protection on my recently replaced floors, they set up machines that ran over the next few days. A guy checked it every day. Then their repairs people came in next & took care of the repairs of things that couldn't be dried. Such a process, but for all the dynamics involved, things went great. Should I need help in the future, I will be sure to use this company.

I was away from home for a few days mon-wed and when I returned on thursday morning I had water all over my kitchen and living room floor. My insurance referred me to SERVPRO of Escondido and the project manager Fernando was at my house within 2 hours to take a look. Turns out I had a slab leak. :/ He was incredibly helpful and calmed me down during my time of crisis...SERVPRO was at my house the next day on Friday to start work. The entire process was smooth and only took 4 days to finish. They dropped off some fans that were noisy but they were only there for 4 days so it went by quickly. I'm very thankful that the is the company I decided to go with. They were very professional and even wore shoe covers in my home!!  Hopefully I won't have this problem again but if I do I will be using SERVPRO of Escondido again.

SERVPRO was sent to our home by our insurance company after the Lilac fires. Our home survived the fire, but lots of soot, ash, dust remained. This company had a team of anywhere from 8-12 people show up daily for ten days. They cleaned from the ceiling to the floors...blinds, windowsills, windows...everything. My house is spotless, we can breathe again, and I cannot say enough good about SERVPRO. They were excellent!

These men have my total confidence in a job well done. I trust them completely. I felt they were family. In fact, I feel that they represent you very well and Mr. Araya. I also feel secure and confident about your company when I met you. You all make a great team. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone needing them. You are an exceptional company and team. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you so much for putting my home together again so beautifully. I am very happy with all the work you provided. I am very grateful. Your workers were very gracious and caring. It was traumatic for us but your good service helped a lot. Thank you once again.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the efforts of your SERVPRO team that cleaned up fire and smoke damage at my home.

Thank you, Everything was done very well. All the crews were clean, neat and respectful.

This note doesn't do justice to the quality of work done by SERVPRO and your staff. I left my house open and everything has been repaired and replaced, beyond my expectations. The pack up crew was excellent! You kept me informed on a constant. Really feel lucky I found professionals like you.

SERVPRO... Thank you for a job well done!

Thank you, your service was wonderful. You came to visit everyday and I was completely satisfied.

SERVPRO, thank you for your quick response and professionalism. We are fortunate to have such great "neighbors" as you.

I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I am with your employees; namely, Sheldon and Steven. From the moment they stepped into my house they performed in an exceptional manner. They were extremely polite, hard working, and professional. They made me feel better in a very difficult situation. Several times my brother and I called with questions and Steven handled the phone call in a very professional manner. They were very clean and efficient. They let me know when they were coming and what they were doing.

Everyone has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your great service!! Your team really lives up to your adverts...I hope we never have a flood again, but know if we do we will call and greet your team with big smiles. Thanks!! 

Thanks for our getting our job done; fast; with courtesy and kindness; thorough; and very professionally. Much appreciated.

SERVPRO was sent out to my condo by my insurance company. Their team, led by Tim O'Grady, was nothing short of excellent. Tim himself did the preliminary and very thorough inspection of my guest bathroom which had taken water damage caused by the upstairs neighbor's overflowing tub. Tim took lots of pictures, made measurements, and kept me in the loop about what he was doing every step of the way. His team came later in the day to begin the dry out process. They set up the machines and monitored them regularly over the next few days until the demo team came to remove the ceiling. I want to add that all 5 of the reps who came out to my place acted entirely professionally and WORE BOOTIES over their shoes to protect my floors. They called and texted to stay in touch with me and let me know when they were making a visit. The reps all had good communication with each other as well, so the whole process seemed very smooth. I was also extremely pleased that Tim offered to write a letter detailing his observations from his professional point of view...one that I could forward to my neighbor's home warranty company to support the high probability that the water damage was caused by the neighbor's water, not mine.

Unfortunately, the roof starting leaking at my residence in November 2017. After the roofer thought he repaired the leak; The next hard rain, I discovered the roof was still leaking. SERVPRO of Escondido came back to my house, reassessed the damage and called the Roofer on my behalf. The roofer came back to my house and replaced what seemed like half of the tiles on the roof. The next hard rain - you got it - roof was still leaking. SERVPRO re-contacted the roofer, my HOA and another contractor associated with his company. The roofer came back out - water tested the roof and we also had another hard rain. Roof good this time. The contractor from Southwest Restoration was at my home on Monday, replaced drywall and insulation in a portion of the ceiling. Walls were painted and everything back in place. No one can tell there was a hole in the ceiling before. Great response, SERVPRO of Escondido and Southwest Restoration provided excellent service!!!

My ceiling got a leak from the condo above mine, and my whole living room wall was wet on the inside. Fernando came to my house, dried everything out, and really went above and beyond to help make my house livable again. I can't thank him enough! He listened with a friendly ear when my insurance company gave me all kinds of problems, he kept me completely updated on the process, and helped to get a payment plan set up until I could get the insurance issue straightened out. He doesn't just care about doing a good job, Fernando cares about being good to people. There are not too many like him left in the world!

The entire process of dealing with my water issues was tolerable due to the care and support of the team. From Tim,  Mike, AJ, Junior and Carlos each one took care of my home and kept me up to date daily.  Thank you AAA for arranging these services. I would use SERVPRO again and again.