Recent Before & After Photos

Hurricane Hits A Business

This business went completely underwater. The damage from Hurricane Harvey was immense. As you can see in the before photo. The hurricane took out the walls in ... READ MORE

Rain On The Roof

There was a rain storm that lasted about two days. The couple that lives in this home had no idea there was a small hole in their roof. When the rains started t... READ MORE

Warehouse Flood

Flood waters on warehouse floors are very dangerous. Concrete becomes slippery when water spills. This commercial building had a flood inside the building that ... READ MORE

Commercial Deep Carpet Cleaning

A commercial building became flooded over night. The water brought in dirt to the front offices. The carpets were soaked and filthy. These carpets needed a prof... READ MORE

Flooded Room

When storms-driven rain finds its way into a home it can be a disaster! The water collects in the walls and carpets, it can be a wet, soggy mess! A lot of time ... READ MORE

Toilet Leak

Bathrooms are very common areas for flood. Toilets can overflow, seals can be broken that allows water to leak out or the supply line can leak. Sometimes it can... READ MORE

Mold From A Leak Next Door

In this apartment there was water damage behind the cabinets that started growing mold from sitting too long. This apartment had water damage from the next door... READ MORE

Mold Growing Behind The Cabinets

A couple living in this apartment noticed a water puddle in their kitchen one morning. This little apartments kitchen looked fine from the front but once we got... READ MORE

Heavy Rains In Vista Won't Stop Us

The rain would not let up for a few days over the weekend and this office suffered from it. Water collected in the front entrance of this office until it found ... READ MORE

Water Damage From Upstairs

A home started to notice a strange discolored spot on the ceiling of their first floor. At first they thought it was just a stain. Over a little bit of time the... READ MORE